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Oct 2021

Dave, Pegging and sports talk

In this episode the guys discussing the Dave Chappelle Drama, Pegging and some sports talk.

Sep 2021

Vaccine Mandate and our NFL Preview

Biden's vaccine mandate and our NFL preview

Sep 2021

Afghanistan, Gender Roles and More

in this week episode the guys discuss the Situation in Afghanistan, gender roles and the Curry's divorce.

Aug 2021

Vaccines, Lox vs Dipset and some NFL Talk

In this episode the guys discuss Vaccines & Vaccine Mandates, the Lox Vs Dipset battle and some NFL football talk

Jul 2021

Religious hypocrisy, Haskins and domestic violence, Stephen A Smith’s and baseball

Religious hypocrisy, Dwayne Haskins Loses a tooth and domestic violence, Stephen A Smith's comments on Shohei Ohtani and baseball

Jul 2021

Critical Race Theory, Bill Cosby set free from prison, Scottie Pippen & Phill Jackson

Critical Race Theory, Bill Cosby set free from prison & Scottie Pippen calls Phil Jackson Racist

Jun 2021

Corona, Florida GOP Hit Squad & sports

A discussion on the Rona, Florida GOP Candidate threatens to send a Hit Squad against his opponent and a discussion on sports. 

Jun 2021

Osaka & Mental Health, should a child have fathers last name and should the man get half

A long discussion on Naomi Osaka and mental health with special guest Kelli, woman says if she is not married then her child does not get the father's last name, the man getting half in a divorce?

May 2021

Race and the media, Texas abortion bill and the NBA

Race in America and the media, Texas bans abortions after six weeks, and some NBA talk

May 2021

South Carolina Firing Squads, Georgia college endorsements and More

South Carolina adds firing squad to methods of execution, Georgia allows college student athletes to receive endorsements but...Kendrick perkins says winning an NBA championship is harder than Superbowl and (bonus segment) should the wife automatically get half in a divorce

Apr 2021

Chauvin Conviction, Versus Battles, and the NFL Draft

Derek Chauvin conviction, versus battles, NFL draft

Apr 2021

Georgia Law & All Star game, equal Pay and Wrestlemania weekend

this week the guys discuss Georgia Law and MLB pulling all star game, Equal pay in sports, and some  Wrestlemania Talk.

Apr 2021

Shootings, NCAA Budgets and Kyrie vs. AI

The recent shootings in Georgia and Colorado, NCAA budgets for men and women tournaments, Kyrie vs AI

Mar 2021

Cancel Culture, Failing Student! and should coach be suspended?

Crazy cancel culture, 17 year old Baltimore high school student with 0.13 GPA passes three classes in four years gets sent back to 9th grade, high school basketball coach gets suspended for blowing out opponent

Mar 2021

Potato Head gender Neutral? Coca Cola training, Only fans Parent and Tiger Woods

Mister Potato Head going gender neutral, Coca Cola telling their employees to be less white, catholic school expelling 3 kids because of parent's Only Fans page, Tiger Woods

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